Augmented Reality Box

Senior Product Designer
Launched early 2021

Sunrun gave me the opportunity to push and explore the boundaries within the different mediums I worked in, allowing me to produce exciting and interesting products. For this project, I was inspired to create an augmented experience with a physical box. This was the first project I shipped using AR technology that wasn't a personal project experiment.

Who is sunrun?

Sunrun is the largest residential solar company in the United States—in large part due to their sales team. The Sunrun sales reps are very important and treated like high performing athletes. Sunrun does everything from signing the “athletes” for summer work to providing them with high motivating incentives and top of the line gear.

My team spent a lot of time thinking about how to elevate physical and digital experiences for the salespeople. Everything we launched needed to be interesting, engaging and well designed.

The Ask

Although Sunrun has a world-class headquarters in Utah  where they prepare their sales team to work, not all sales members can travel there. In this situation, their gear and instruction materials were boxed and sent to their specific location across the country. My role was to make it more than just a box of stuff.

The Idea

It was obvious that I could design a custom box. But what more could I do to make the experience of receiving the box interesting and interactive?

I proposed creating an augmented reality (AR) experience that the user could view once they received their box.

In 2020 I participated in an AIGA show where I saw AR posters created by Afton Klein Group—a great local (Utah) agency. My experience with the posters at the show sparked the idea of utilizing the same technology to develop an AR box experience.

Initial experiment to figure out what was possible with the boxes I was working with.

The Augmented Welcome Box

The final box was a lot of fun. We mixed kinetic type with sports achievement themes, creating something that was unexpected to the sales people.

For the AR elements, I created the kinetic typography in After Effects. Then I researched and experimented with different solutions, finally ending up with using Artivive’s technology to convert my motion work into augmented reality features for the box. The AR elements were incredibly entertaining to witness firsthand alongside the box.

Sunrun calls their sales people "Athletes" and uses sports themes to motivate and inspire.
Static image printed on the inside of the box.
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