Jeremy Garcia is a Digital Product Designer and design leader passionate about collaboration, visual craft and emerging technology.

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Breeze Airways

Modernizing a Digital Boarding Pass

As you stand in line, awaiting your turn to board the airplane, you anxiously pull up the airline’s app to use your boarding pass. This project focused on improving this experience.

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Jeremy Kohler
Product Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy Garcia for over four years at ApplicantPro and on various freelance projects. While at ApplicantPro, Jeremy and I collaborated closely, shaping and designing the future of hiring. He excelled in working with cross-functional teams, including design, product, developers, and software testers.

Jeremy always prioritized the end user, creating simple and delightful experiences. He is a phenomenal designer, an incredible human being, and one of the best colleagues I’ve had the privilege to work with. Not only is he exceptionally talented in design, but he also possesses all the soft skills and the positive attitude you’d want in a team member. I can’t recommend Jeremy enough!

Kaylee Olvera
UI/UX Designer
(Direct Report)

Jeremy is an amazing designer, mentor, and person. From day one, it’s been obvious that he truly cares about people. As a mentor and design leader, he teaches others how to elevate their designs through helpful feedback and through his example. He encourages and supports others in their own journey and inspires them to work hard and think creatively.

Jeremy is an amazing designer who is dedicated to the craft and is always looking for new ways to level up his designs. His ability to lead a team and excite people about ideas is unmatched. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have to work with Jeremy and highly recommend him to anyone considering doing business with him.

Cam Jensen
Director of Digital Product
(Boss & Mentor)

Jeremy joined us as a Lead UI/UX Designer in June of 2022, replacing an ineffective designer who struggled with quality work and having healthy working relationships with developers. In 2023 Jeremy continued his excellent work to reposition Design as being an integral, trusted, and valued partner in the software development process.

He also took on additional responsibility as he recruited, hired, and managed our first design intern on the digital product team. Jeremy ran a mature hiring process, found multiple strong candidates, and hired one who proved herself to be exceptional. We have since hired her full-time.

Ean Brandon
Startup CEO
(Freelance Collaborator)

Jeremy has become one of the most capable graphic designers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He was born with a natural artistic gift, but unlike many; he works tirelessly to continue to build his skills and grow his capacity.