2020 — Print, Digital Campaign
After finishing the tour for their album, “I Am Easy To Find”, The National started to create a brand for their 2020 tour. This tour would not be connected to a specific album and needed a unique voice.

The concept for the branding was inspired by their prior album, "Sleep Well Beast", which was a perfect example of a straight-laced, corporate look you might see in your average day job. We used tools that would exist in an office (mainly a xerox machine) to create a more DIY, rough feeling. With a xerox machine, we warped and stretched the type until we came across some interesting elements.

I have loved The National since I was a kid and it was an amazing experience working on this project. 

The initial pieces of this campaign were released, but unfortunately COVID canceled the tour.
Project Collaborators:
The Collected Works
(I joined their rad design team for this project.)